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Debt Recovery

Do You Require Expert Collections And Client Tracing Services?

Yellow Clip Financial Services is a company that specialises in expert debt recovery and collections, as well as client tracing services. Yellow Clip aims to establish itself as a preferred service provider for institutions which require niche debt recovery solutions and tracing services, country-wide.

We continuously strive to establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients through value-adding solutions such as:

  • Analysis of Debt Recovery / Tracing Goals
  • Creation of Streamlined Processes
  • Follow-up Consultation and Analysis

Why Choose Yellow Clip Financial Services?

The credit management and debt recovery industry is a growing industry due to businesses that are becoming increasingly aware of the need for customer retention in a hard-hitting economy.

The credit management and debt recovery industry is quite fragmented – Companies differ greatly in size, scope, services offered and market share.

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Many companies still do not realise the advantages of outsourcing to a reputable debt recovery or tracing company, but rather battle to survive with their own general in-house credit management and debt recovery services, along with a wide range of costly consulting solutions.

Yellow Clip Financial Services’ business strategy is to establish a focused approach to its services, rather than being everything to its clients. Our company does not intend to be the one-size-fits-all solution, nor will it ever become so.

At Yellow Clip Financial Services, we consult with our clients to establish their needs and to agree on solutions which enable us to deliver services that are unique and of exceptional standard and quality.

We offer solutions through expertise.