About Yellow Clip Financial Services

Yellow Clip Financial Services aims to become a leading player in the debt recovery industry by applying sound business principles that will set us apart from our competitors.

Our founder, Mr Marius van Wyk, has fourteen years of debt collections experience and has spent six of those years in managerial roles for two of the leading financial institutions in the South African banking sector, and a further three in the retail sector. His experience ranges from early/late stage collections to post write-off recoveries and the managing of External Debt Collectors (EDCs) and tracing companies. Apart from implementing innovative collection strategies, he also boasts a wealth of knowledge in the foreclosure, liquidation, debt counselling, deceased estates and other fields.

Our Mission

It is the mission to provide comprehensive credit, debt recovery and tracing services. Our firm is not interested in simply providing a service for our clients, but rather we believe in creating a long-term relationship with them.

Our Footprint

Our main offices are in Heidelberg, Gauteng, supported by a footprint in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Our Systems

The collection system in use is geared towards outcome based collections.

Collection System Functionalities:

  • Dedicated or pool collection queues per collector
  • Record keeping of all interactions with client and debtors i.e. notes, documents, payment history, etc.
  • Diary systems
  • Management information capability
  • Able to run campaigns
  • Setting of Promise to Pay (PTPs)
  • Systems are web-based
  • Stop order/Debit-order functionality
  • Voice logger call recorder

BBBEE Compliance and Company Ownership

Yellow Clip Financial Services is a South African black empowerment entity and prides itself on being part of the transformation process. We are dedicated to fair business practices – Promotion and engendering of our employees are TOP priorities.

We are 100% BBBEE and a Level 3 contributor:

  • 51% black ownership

Our People

Marius van Wyk

Marius van Wyk


Marius has fourteen years of collections experience and vast management skills that will ensure Yellow Clip Financial Services will always deliver on their promise of excellence. He has a passion for service, and for ensuring integrity in all that we do.

Botha Huisamen

Botha Huisamen

Director/Chief Operations Officer

Botha is responsible for the collections call centre operations, as well as value-added services such as specialised and consultancy services in conjunction with the risk assessment team. Botha, with over 30 year’s collections experience in the financial sector, is highly qualified. He served in the banking sector where his expertise was employed at 3 of the leading banks in South Africa. These skills drive performance that is unique to Yellow Clip Financial Services.

Anna Huisamen

Anna Huisamen

Director / Chief Financial Services

Anna has a wealth of knowledge and experience obtained during a twenty-seven-year career in local government. She is responsible for all the financial, human resources and administration portfolios. She is an asset that no company can do without.